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Tracy Alderson

Tracy Alderson is a medical laboratory scientist, chemist, and teacher.  Ms. Alderson earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois at Springfield (Clinical Laboratory Science major, Chemistry minor). She was trained as a laboratory generalist, her internship was at Methodist Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois, and at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, Illinois. Her research focus has been primarily in the specialties of immunology, and transfusion services.

Tracy has over twenty years experience as a health care professional. In addition to being a laboratory professional, she has worked for many years as a licensed hospital inpatient pharmacy technician. For the past decade, Ms. Alderson has taught a variety of classes ranging from math and sciences, to English as a second language and humanities. She is also currently pursuing her Master of Divinity at Liberty Theological Seminary. Ms. Alderson is originally from Chicago, and currently resides in Carmel, Indiana.