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Positive Conversations Program

ICLN’s signature Positive Conversations Program integrates communication and change management training to promote positive, professional communication within the workplace.   Positive Conversation programming is designed to help participants skillfully overcome common communication challenges that contribute to workplace toxicity, erode employee satisfaction, impact patient experience, and cause preventable errors.

Positive Conversations Academy

ICLN’s Positive Conversations Academy is a customized 6-12 month program sponsored by an organization to dramatically improve workplace communication. 

The program provides:

  • A model for understanding and solving communication challenges
  • Training that provides engaging, experiential learning
  • Training customized for staff, managers & directors, peer-professionals, and in-house trainers
  • Reinforcement and ongoing advisory services

Learn more about ICLN’s work with the San Francisco General Hospital.

Positive Conversations Boot Camp

ICLN’s Positive Conversations Boot Camp is a two-day intensive workshop offered several times throughout the year available to the individual professional and sponsored teams.

Communication Training for the Organization & Team

ICLN often works with organizations to create customized communication training with a sharp focus on one or more elements of communication. Participants delve deeply into the subject matter in a deep, systematic way to develop durable skills directly applicable to the needs of their workplace.  Examples of communication training available in this format include:

  • Positive Conversations to reduce workplace toxicity
  • Physician to RN communication 
  • Provider to patient communication
  • Strategic communication
  • Peer coaching 
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Conflict resolution & negotiation
  • Persuasive communication
  • Shared decision-making

Contact us at to talk with a representative about how ICLN can customize an evidence-based program that will meet your unique organizational needs and culture.