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Patient Care Excellence

Caring for patients requires a wide range of skills, from clinical to cultural—all focused on making sure that patients get the care they need, in the right way, at the right time. On the clinical front, we teach the principles of evidenced-based care using processes and protocols that have been validated as effective by research. Through this kind of systematic approach, care delivery can be tracked, measured and managed to ensure that patients are receiving the most effective therapies. We also coach clinicians on coordinating across the entire care team (i.e., across disciplines and departments), as well as tracking and managing ongoing care across different delivery sites (e.g., home care following discharge). Patient excellence also entails making sure that patients have a participatory role in their care, and that care is delivered in a culturally competent way—the latter being important in identifying and overcoming potential obstacles to patients’ participation and treatment compliance. Finally, patient excellence demands professional accountability with clinicians making sure that they are current in their knowledge base, properly skilled in their areas of specialty, and hold themselves to the highest practice standards to ensure optimal quality of care delivery.