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Leadership Academy: San Francisco Department of Public Health

ICLN partnered with the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) on a year-long Leadership Academy for their primary care frontline nurses. The program featured two cohorts totaling 90 Primary Care RN's from 20 different SFDPH managed clinics. 

The goal of the Leadership Academy was to provide nurses with tangible skills to lead and manage change, work with and through others, and set a concrete and measurable vision for guiding their practices into the future. Participants gathered for four off-site sessions to focus on leadership competencies including topics such as:

  • Change and your professional self
  • Model for improvement
  • Clinic transformation through nursing practice: how health reform affects you and your clinic
  • Creating and maintaining high performing teams
  • Working with and through others to affect change
  • Strategic communications and messaging

Additionally, all participants carried out a mentored implementation of a small and relevant performance improvement project within their respective clinical settings. 

Participant Feedback

What participants had to say about key learning and experiences from the Leadership Academy:

  • “Provided much needed time to strategize about our most important issues.”
  • “Learned new leadership skills and how to integrate them into team building.”
  • “Learned about other clinics successes and challenges and shared ideas.”
  • “Developed an understanding of how leadership flows from idea to implementation.”
  • “Advanced understanding of team development and how to apply it to ourselves and having the opportunity to discuss it.”


"The Leadership Academy provides relevant information and practical advice around tools to use as we move into Healthcare Reform. It was empowering to learn the problems we face are faced by many others and there is a way through them."

"Very good speakers that addressed changing health environment and how as nurses we can be influential in the change that is occurring."