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Integrated Nurse Leadership Program

The Integrated Care Leadership Network (ICLN) has its genesis in the highly successful, nurse-led, San Francisco Bay Area quality improvement collaborative, Integrated Nurse Leadership Program.  INLP was the product of a generous grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as part of the Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative to improve the quality of nursing-related patient care.  The program was launched by the University of California San Francisco’s Center for Health Professions in 2005 and led by ICLN’s founder, Julie Kliger, MPA, BSN, RN.  Ms. Kliger led the first collaborative that spanned thirteen Bay Area hospitals to achieve unprecedented reductions in medication administration errors, reducing errors collaborative-wide by 89%.

In 2008, a new, multi-disciplinary collaborative was launched to reduce sepsis mortality across twelve Bay Area hospitals. Ms. Kliger led this collaborative to achieve a sustained 48% reduction in sepsis mortality. The Joint Commission and the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ) have featured the work of INLP and Ms. Kliger.

Through INLP, Ms. Kliger created a validated change model to implement and sustain evidenced-based quality improvement (QI). This model provides the foundation to the ICLN approach.  


Also through the generous support of the Moore Foundation, ICLN’s founder, Julie Kliger, MPA, BSN, RN formed a grassroots nursing organization in 2007 called the Regional Nurse Network (informally known as RN2). Within four years RN2 grew to nearly 6,500 hundred members, who attended a variety of informal educational and community events, all focused on re-energizing nurses and helping them build skills for professional growth.

As the program grew, it became clear that the nursing profession needed a more expanded venue for developing leadership skills, but still built through grassroots participation, in a community setting. It was equally clear that leadership training was needed in many areas of healthcare, not just nursing. And so the Integrated Care Leadership Network (ICLN) was born.