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ICLN Values: Why We Do What We Do

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Recently, I was reminded about the importance of telling people why we do what we do, as opposed to just what we do.  Perhaps you know of Simon Sinek, an author, speaker, and proponent of a model called the 'Golden Circle.'   Essentially, he believes that telling people why is far more compelling and inspiring than just telling people what.  For example, the Integrated Care Leadership Network provides training to healthcare professionals.  That's the what.  But the why is something altogether different.  We provide leadership professional development for healthcare professionals because we've witnessed firsthand the power of engaging the frontline in leading healthcare improvement.  By empowering the frontline, an ICLN/UCSF-led program, the Integrated Nurse Leadership Program, achieved unprecedented results in reducing sepsis mortality across a 12-Bay Area hospital collaborative that  sustained over a three year period.   

ICLN seeks to provide a forum to empower the clinical frontline, and we believe that professional development, inspiration, and organizational culture are all central to achieving an engaged workforce.   While we don't have control over organizational culture, we can and do seek to create professional development training that inspires.  We believe that every training needs to: provide time and space to reframe work, reconnect with purpose, and to receive encouragement from peers.  Therefore, we seek out faculty who inspire and encourage.  We also build time and space into training to support inspiration and renewal. We believe that applied learning is critical to professional development. Thus, we always provide a rich experiential component that ensures participants walk out with skills they can use tomorrow, not just a bunch of theory with no idea how to apply it to their work.   We also value the collective reservoir of the knowledge, experience, and wisdom contained in the clinical frontline, so all of our learning seeks to affirm and highlight this valuable resource by making much needed time and space for applied professional sharing.   

Ultimately, we do what we do because we believe that transformative change in healthcare depends largely on the readiness and empowerment of the clinical frontline, and we are here to provide the forum for this.

Take a minute to watch Simon's TED Talk.  It just might inspire you to reframe your work too.